Hair Chalking is a method of coloring your hair with chalk to color your hair temporarily.

Have you ever seen someone with a photo of someone with brightly colored hair and said to yourself “I Wish I Could Get Away Doing That”? But in the real world of working in a professional setting or being a busy mom that doesn’t think showing up for a PTA meeting with a streak of green running through their hair would be well received, Hair Chalk provides a great alternative.

It’s a great solution for all ages and genders to spice your hair up, without any commitment. Whether it’s for a special occasion, or you just want to make an otherwise boring week a little bit more exciting, Hair Chalking is a great way to temporarily get high impact hair.

Hair Chalk is NOT hair dye, so it is applied differently and is a different consistency. Instead of dyeing the hair, hair chalk coats it – it then needs time to air dry and absorb in, and finally you can seal it in with a flat iron.

Do not expect to use hair chalk and have your hair feel the same way it would if it was dyed. It will dry your hair out, and does have a stiff feeling to it.

After washing your hair that is hair chalked, it will either completely wash out, or you may still have faded color for another wash or two.

Try using a baby shampoo that’s not as harsh, which may allow the color to stay in longer.

Hair Chalk has gotten increasingly more popular over the years and it’s available online, in stores and you might have even seen an infomercial on TV recently. If you’re looking for somewhere to get Hair Chalk, you can check out our products page here: