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Posted by on Aug 21, 2014 in Hair Chalk Styles | 0 comments

Show Your School Pride With Hair Chalk!

If your school has uniform and hair regulations, chances are walking into class with blue hair chalk streaks just won’t do.  But sometimes they will have “spirit” or “school pride” days and allow you to dress, and color your hair accordingly.  Hair chalk is a GREAT way to show your school pride, temporarily, so it can be washed out quickly and easily to meet school standards.
For similar colors/sheen as the above photo, we suggest the Edge Blendable Hair Color Metallic Color Stix in 6 sparkle/shimmer colors.

This posts contains an affiliate link, so if you click and purchase I do get a commission at no additional cost to you.  Please do your own research before purchasing, but we ONLY recommend products that we LOVE!

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Posted by on May 29, 2013 in Hair Chalk Styles | 1 comment

Temporary Hair Color With Hair Chalk

Temporary Hair Color With Hair Chalk

A question people ask often about Hair Chalk is how long does it last?  Well there’s 2 big factors that come into play 1) The actual Hair Chalk brand/product and 2) How you applied it.

Almost all Hair Chalk is the same but some do work better then others, one that I love that I’ve tried is:

(that is an affiliate link, so if you click and purchase I do get a commission at no additional cost to you).

The other big factor is how you’re actually applying the hair chalk.  If it’s rubbing off or all over your clothes it’s either a bad product, or you’re doing it wrong.

To properly apply Hair Chalk you want to make sure to first have clean dry  hair – meaning free of product – if you have hair gel in your hair or hairspray it will not work!

Then you have to lightly spray your hair with water, damp, not wet and then apply the hair chalk liberally in one motion.

Doing this the chalk will COAT the hair, so yes on lighter hair colors it will “apply” better and quicker, you can achieve the same exact effect with a darker color hair as well.  As the color dries it will seep in and adhere to your hair.

Then once it’s completely dry you can flat iron or use a curler to seal in the color.

Doing this properly will give you AT LEAST a full day of bright color, then day 2 (as long as you  don’t wash it) it will be less bright but still colored.  After your first wash it will most likely wash out but at least some will remain for lighter color hair.  Then by the second wash – it’ll be gone!

So it’s an easy way to get some awesome looking temporary colored hair without needing to commit to a color!

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Posted by on May 26, 2013 in Hair Chalk Styles | 0 comments

Patriotic Hair Chalk For Memorial Day

Patriotic Hair Chalk For Memorial Day

With Memorial Day right around the corner and the Fourth of July not too far off, here’s a patriotic inspired Hair Chalk Style for you.

I used the materials listed here, as well as the Bundle Monster Non-Toxic Temporary Hair Pastel Chalk Beauty Kit – Mix Color Variety Beauty Design, 24pc.  The colors I chose were the darkest blue, the brightest red, and white.


I hadn’t tried white before and was interested whether or not you’d actually be able to tell that it’s white or not.  If you have blonde hair I really don’t think it’d make a noticeable difference, but with slightly darker hair (even a lighter medium like mine) you could definitely tell that it was a lighter shade.


Once my hair was air dried, you then definitely tell that it was a lighter/white color:


I tested it on 3 small sections next to one another, keep in mind when doing that you’re not going to get as big of an impact as you would with larger sections of hair.  With smaller sections of hair colored, once your hair is dry your hair is bound to start crossing, so your colors won’t be as defined if they’re in smaller sections

I think this is a cute look if you’re going for just a little something, not too obvious.  You can color just the ends of your hair that would show in a ponytail or bun so once your hair is put up you’ll see those colorful pieces on your top bun/ponytail, for a patriotic, but still professional look.

We’d love to see photos of what you did with your hair, please send your photos over to and they may even show up in our gallery.

Happy Hair Chalking!

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Posted by on May 26, 2013 in Hair Chalk Styles | 0 comments

Try A New Hair Color With Hair Chalk

Try A New Hair Color With Hair Chalk

Hair Chalk isn’t just for kicking off your shoes and putting crazy colors into your hair…it can also be a great way to try out a new hair color without having to commit to actually dyeing it.

orange-hair-chalk--hair-chalking-pastels--temporary-hair-color--salon-grade--1-large-stickDepending on what product you purchase, most of the 24 color kits have at least a few natural colors including white, blacks, browns and reds.

Maybe you want to see what your hair would look like with highlights…or what about an ombre effect where it fades into a darker or lighter color?

Whether you’re a blonde who wants to try being a brunette, or a brunette who wants to try being blonde, using Hair Chalk to experiment with different color options is a great way to accurately see what you would look like with a different hair color.

And for those that are more ambitious, it’s a good way to try out that pink hair without any real commitment.

Did you try a hair color change with hair chalk?  We’d love to see it!  Send your photos to

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