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So You Want To Color Your Hair With Hair Chalk?

Posted by on May 19, 2013 in Hair Chalk Materials | 0 comments

I saw a commercial recently on TV advertising hair chalk, and it looked like something that would be perfect for me to try. As a busy mom, and also a working mom, I barely have the time to get my hair cut so I needed something that would not require a lot of time to do. On the working end, I thought that a bright green streak in my hair might send the wrong message to my clients in terms of professionalism. Hair chalk seemed like the perfect solution for someone short on time but that wanted to add some temporary color.

To purchase hair chalk, I searched Amazon as I have Amazon Prime, so anything I purchase has free 2 day shipping. Unfortunately the product I ended up buying was not eligible for Amazon Prime, but it arrived very quickly anyway. I am an avid fan of customer reviews on products, but I also take the time to read reviews, even the negative ones, to get the full picture of a product.

The “Bundle Monster” hair chalk was what I ended up purchasing for a few reasons:

1) The variety of colors (24 total)

2) It actually said “hair chalk” (something seems sketchy about using standard chalk, but we’ll explore that later)

3) The negative reviews didn’t seem like they were actually about the product, but instead because the product wasn’t being used correctly. All the other reviews seemed to be positive.

So this is the product I ended up purchasing:

In my next post I’ll go over how it worked out, and what I’ve learned from using hair chalk, and how to apply it correctly.