Why Following Instructions Is Uber Important

When chalking your hair, following the instructions for your product is extremely important.   Hair Chalking is something you can’t really ‘wing’ as you will most likely have disappointing results.

I have learned this from first hand failures, at first I thought it was the product, until I took the time to read the specific instructions for that product.  If you just purchase standard Art Pastels, obviously there are no instructions, and I’m someone who’s all for saving a dollar where I can, but sometimes it’s just not worth the “trial and error” – literally, dime for dime in this case it’s better to start with products that you know will work well.

If you hair is dry or has product in it, the hair chalk may not work at all!  It should not be an extreme process to see colors show up on your hair, and if you’re working really really hard at it…then you’re most likely doing it wrong!

So take just a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the product PRIOR to trying it, and you’ll save yourself a lot of time and hassle in the long run!

Here’s some of our tips:

– Wear gloves, it keeps you from the chalk dying your hands(even if only temporarily)

–  Dampen your hair (if you have blonde hair this may not be necessary but it can make it easier)

– Dampen the chalk (don’t soak it, you don’t want a color mess but it can help with application)

– Only apply it in one direction (from top to bottom)

– Apply lighter colors first (it’s easier to chalk over yellow with blue then it is the other way around and if you have a darker dye on your  hands it will tint the lighter color)

– Let your hair DRY COMPLETELY.  I know, it’s hard to do, you’re so excited you just want to style it and flatiron or curl it right  away.  DON’T!!!! It will cause the colors to smear together or off…it makes a mess…just let it dry!

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